Let’s try this in english:

Dry like a desert in my mouth.. but, you know – I made it 😀
Yeay me!!

Tonight I had my very first time teaching a class as a Les Mills Body Balance instructor (team with Sara) Ok, it was only 3 of 12 song, so now it’s time to learn the rest. Newbie baby 😉

Never teached like this before so I actually had a smaller mental breakdown before 😛
I’m so trying to do my best appreciating this time in life as a total beginner. Doing my best, to feel comfortable in tricky and new situations in life.

I have the same feeling with this lovely new world of Kizomba (and Bachata!?) and yesterday evening on the dancefloor – laughing at mysel feeling like Bambie on the ice. I’m trying so hard AND having so much fun, in the same time.

I’m welcoming and choosing so much new things in my live, scary as hell but I do love it! This feeling is rare if you’re always in your safe zon. No progress. Just safe. Lull.

I’m so grateful to learn from life and all of the situations that happens to me, and for me and letting it all be better through me and how I react to everything. I’m stretching my humility for every living being. Feel the love! Using my full capacity while experience life in itself <3

..and I’m also struggling with my english, changing bad habits to better. Love you!

So sorry for:
* Loopy spelling
* Stepping on toes
* Elbow in face
* Inexplicit teaching
* Breaking hearts

Not sorry for:
* Speaking up for myself
* Living my life
* Saying no
* Saying yes
* Saying nothing
* Telling the truth

I’m only human after all
I owe you nothing

Say something
Say nothing

Don’t let me down!
you / me

I’m giving up on you

This is me!
It’s my life!

I owe me everything