One day. You wake up. You make up. You break up. You win. You loose. You learn. You live. You can believe that everything’s happens for a reason. Or whatever makes you feel good. About life. Situations. Pick your words. Choose wisely. Act. Like you mean it. Mean. Angry. Angray. Attitude. I dare you. I fear you. I feel you. You feel me? Feel free. You surprised me. I don’t care? I’m involved. Dispassionate. I learn. I live. I’ll be alright. I’m a little bit worried. Over my disappointment. In you. Over you. But I’m letting it go. I’m letting you go. Go for it. I’ll be here grieving, over the loss, of the idea of your adorable personality. Divine. Disillusion. Disappointment.

Love writing. Love the feeling! Feel free to feel ❤