I love how deep I can feel it. Never doubted, but still surprised. I love how strong and fragile everything is at the same time. Depending on how you experience it. How you look at it. Choose the right angle, admit when you are wrong and turn it all around, so you no matter what is happening to you, always come out of it as a better person, happier being.

Make the stumble a part of the dance, and if you fall, fall for somebody who lifts you up. Create your own flow, ride the wave, clean up and make a mess. It’s kind of interesting that a message can make me so glad. Lack of self distance. For a moment, in the moment, I let myself be vulnerable to that person. Unghoostified once, back on the list twice.

It’s a shame how much you don’t know when you know so much. It’s great to still have so much to learn even that you learned a lot. Who are you to judges, blame, accuse.

If no one win, no one will loose.

Live your life. Enjoy it. Spread joy all around you. Speak. Listen. Love. Rule over your own desires.

No one will ever loose when it’s all just a game!

Push play..