One day she woke up, still in her dream. Breathing in smoothness and out tension. Happy to feel pleasure, appreciating pain. Because you can always make a nice transition to something good. Just match. Make it better. Make it beautiful.

Let it in, let it go. No mistakes. Only lessons. Learned. Everything may not happen for a reasonable cause. But you are the one who decides how to take it in. Or. If not. Soak it up. Put it down. Surround yourself with free spirits. Loving friends. Frengers. Strangers.

Find pleasure in the unpleasant. If you don’t enjoy. Let it go. Take it in. Let me go. Maybe I stay. Let everything be. Like it is. Like you want. Because it’s only you. And everyone else. Please me. Please you. Never regret. Nothing. Everything.

Find the answers.
If not.
Don’t mind.

Go with the flow. If it fits your joy. Or create your own. Stop worrying. Your can. If not. Enjoy your worries. Appreciate trouble. Because you always have a choice to walk away from it.

Welcome calmness.
Create wonder.
And receive.

Happy one year anniversary, and a lot of more days, to me.. and my happy mind.